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"Excellence is Intentional. Nothing Ordinary - Nothing Average."

We coach and advise business leaders who want to build thriving, scalable, and profitable high-growth companies. RMI will help you figure out what you don’t know, and help you identify new opportunities you may not see. Our clients refer to us as idea starters and innovative thinkers.

We help you retool and reinvent yourself in a number of ways. For example, refreshing your product/service offerings, resetting your pricing, and identifying new opportunities so you close more business, make more money, and start having fun again.

You work long hours and risked everything to launch your business. Isn’t it time you started living the life of abundance and prosperity you deserve?

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Why Business Leaders Choose RMI

Marc Davenport is a nationally recognized executive coach, serial entrepreneur, and wealth strategist with a successful history spanning five decades helping businesses improve their sales, performance, and profits.

Unparalleled Expertise

Customized Approach

Proven Track Record


How Our Client's Feel About RMI CAPITAL

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